Milla can make you satisfied. She is not only hot & sexy, but also knows the tricks to impress her clients. This singer has a light brown hair color that matches well with her attractive personality and kills her smile. She shouldn't really get close to you because her clear smile will make you fall on her head over her heels.You will fulfill your desire to take a bomb shell at dinner time. We know her talent as she dazzles every client in an effective manner. The dark brown eye color reflects her inner character who is always ready to satisfy the deep and dark desires inherent in the heart of her clients. Although they welcome all men equally, they have a closer preference for a working man who wants to spend quality time in the city. Mila can become the perfect companion to explore the city in a fun way. She has a great style of dressing and feet forward. Miles can be taken at a party or an international trip easily because she really loves to travel. Come on, guys, don't keep guessing when you can really make a big difference in your life.

Name – Milla

Age – 29

Weight – 57 kg

Hair colour – Black

Eye Colour – Brown

Length – 5.3 ft

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